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Services for the Online Retailers and the e Commerce Industry

The number of consumers browsing and buying online in the US is projected to hit 270 million by 2020 and online sales is expected to reach $523 billion in revenue. From the outside the online retail business may appear simple, yet layers of work and effort lie beneath the surface. An effective ONLINE CONTENT MANAGEMENT (OCM) strategy can save a lot of time and money in the long run and in effect make an organization to stay ahead of the competition in this demanding ecosystem. OCM also help’s in streamlining processes, increase employee productivity, bring in clarity and simplicity to the end user to make the right choices. In summary, OCM drives the organization towards becoming a successful online enterprise. Read More…


Data processing services

The Online marketing industry generates tons of data every day from numerous sources. The success of any online campaign depends on meeting these data challenges of collating, processing and interpreting to make requisite business decisions. Today many companies recognize that they have opportunities to use data and analytics to raise productivity, improve decision making and gain competitive advantage but may lack the skill, time or resources to do it.Read More…


Customized Offerings

rProcess provides a host of customized services to various industries around Data and Content Management. We have a highly skilled team with expertise and experience working on various projects and can align ourselves to put together a robust process and methodology for any simple or complex requirements.
Our team serves as an extended workbench to support and provide turn-key services. Our delivery model allows to provision resources on demand with enhanced flexibility and agility.
Below are examples of a few projects we have successfully delivered in the recent past.. Read More..

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