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Mortgage Leads Data


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To mine data of property holders and their current mortgage details in-order to generate leads for utility services, refinancing, loan transfers, market trends, etc

Mined data need to be sorted and presented in a systematic and accurate format, where customers can be approached with all the requisite background data.



Need to visually scan thru huge amounts of raw data on multiple county websites.  Should be done manually with adequate focus, time and manpower.

Need to mine information periodically which is current and accurate.



The rProcess solutioning team captured the exact requirements flawlessly along with the need for such data, pain points and other nuances.

Then a required team of qualified and efficient personnel was mobilized in quick time and trained by in house experts along with guidance from the client on the exact tasks.

Subsequently an efficient process of mining the data and capturing it in the required format with all the nuances were drawn out.

The quality team came out with a check list to cross verify and identify any possible data mismatch and embedded the quality check module to the main process.

Time and motion chart was drawn to capture efficiency, speed and time taken and was continually improved thereafter thru proper measurements and improvement to the process



Today this team is capturing various data from the deed and mortgage documents spanning over 350 counties in the US running to more than a hundred thousand records each month. The data captured includes but not limited to document number, book page number, buyer’s name, lender’s name, property address, seller’s name, mortgage amount, consideration amount and more.

The client has benefited in getting accurate information to the tune of 99.9% in the required time frame which is helping their business flourish with marketable quality leads saving them enormous time, effort and money.

The team is upwardly growing and the process is becoming more efficient with innovative solutions evolving continuously.


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