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The number of consumers browsing and buying online in the US is projected to hit 270 million by 2020 and online sales is expected to reach $523 billion in revenue. From the outside the online retail business may appear simple, yet layers of work and effort lie beneath the surface. An effective ONLINE CONTENT MANAGEMENT (OCM) strategy can save a lot of time and money in the long run and in effect make an organization to stay ahead of the competition in this demanding ecosystem. OCM also help’s in streamlining processes, increase employee productivity, bring in clarity and simplicity to the end user to make the right choices. In summary, OCM drives the organization towards becoming a successful online enterprise.


We at rProcess have developed an effective Content and Data Management practice through systematic collection and organization of information for designated audiences. It is a dynamic combination of strategies, methods and tools used to capture, manage, analyse, store and deliver information supporting key data of various magnitudes and attributes through the entire life-cycle of any e Commerce business.


Some of our widely used services include:


Deal Curation


Deal Curation is done for Web Search Companies which offer a wide range of consumer products. Deal Curation is the process of finding the best deals from affiliated websites and updating on the primary site. Consumers benefit as they get to compare the best deals from online shopping websites, restaurants and many other areas which are extracted and presented in one view. Deal Curation assist shoppers to discover products based on their individual preferences. Curation can be a great way to attract and retain audience who trust the brand for more than just a onetime sale.


By becoming the source of curated content, brands can shift some of their energy from push to pull marketing. Instead of constantly pushing out messages through banners spread far and wide, they can pull in their desired audience by sharing content which only those consumers enjoy, and then retain those consumers for long-term interaction with the brand. This gives the brand additional opportunities to develop a deeper relationship with their consumers without incremental media spend, and putting the focus on a channel over which they have much more control.


Curating content that consumers will enjoy does take time, skill and effort and you can’t be everywhere at once, So choose professionals like us wisely who have the expertise and the resources.

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Product Label Analysis


The modern consumer is demanding transparency around what’s in the products they use and consume. They need easy and instant access to detailed product information. The ability to find complete and accurate data has a dramatic effect on the purchase decisions both today and over time.
Our world class tried and tested solution, provides product transparency through data science, transforming the way brands and retailers interact and share product data, by digitizing product details using various web tools. We digitize and analyze almost every product available in the US market and across multiple categories with the objective of capturing every single packaging information of the product, by using scanned images of product packages and digitizing the same. Different categories of products are analyzed be it processed foods, pet foods, supplements, apparels, personal care, home goods, medicines and alcohol to name a few. Each category contains granular information (Slices) like nutrients, ingredients, warnings, logos, claims, contact information etc which are captured and presented in detailed sections.

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Content Management

In this age of Internet, facilitating online purchases by attracting every kind of customer in the multi-fabric society is a challenging task. As with every business undertaking, in order to successfully manage content online, companies need to have a content management strategy. Content management includes structuring, organizing and filtering besides basic functions like search, description and pricing.


As one of our significant processes in this domain, we assist our clients by collecting details of various products on the website. We then categorize and enrich them in order to provide a structured and precise content. We also help to manage or catalogue the product data for multiple uses. The content can also be used as a part of internal management. Content cleansing, structuring and making it relevant helps customers to increase online sales easily by augmenting web traffic and page rankings as seen by search engines. We offer professional content writing services that can improve the online image. rProcess content writing services can be employed for projects like creating product descriptions and developing website content. The content we provide will be creative and modified as per our customer’s instructions and best practices. rProcess develops content for a wide range of products like Mechanical, Electrical, Electronic, Chemical, Homewares and Appliances, Stationeries, Arts and Crafts, Food, Beverages, Fancy items etc.


Cataloguing: Catalogue symbolizes the collection of alphabetically arranged titles or subjects. Describing, Classifying and Indexing are the main purposes of cataloguing. rProcess provides catalogues that can be easily accessed, retrieved and updated. We offer dedicated services to structure the catalogue data, enhance the content and publish quality content. We create records for catalogue that meet international standards. We produce high quality data for record management for companies, publishers, booksellers and libraries. The main aim of our cataloguing is to convey precise, complete and searchable catalogues. We strive to improve access to public records.

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