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Reporting and Data Analysis for the Digital World

Reporting and Data Analysis for the Digital World



The Online marketing industry generates tons of data every day from numerous sources. The success of any online campaign depends on meeting these data challenges of collating, processing and interpreting to make requisite business decisions. Today many companies recognize that they have opportunities to use data and analytics to raise productivity, improve decision making and gain competitive advantage but may lack the skill, time or resources to do it.


At rProcess we have the ability, skill, resources, expertise and the requisite tools to augment and integrate data from discrete sources, doing in depth analysis, comparisons, forecasting and deliver the most futuristic reports and dashboards which can be interpreted effortlessly at all levels of the digital marketing chain.


Online Campaign analysis is an essential practice and our reports are a window into campaign delivery and performance. Advertising agencies, Publishers, Brands and virtually anyone who is part of the online advertising eco system can take advantage of this highly evolved process and free up their internal resources from routine tasks and focus more on strategy and results.


Some of our standard reports and expertise include:

Regular revenue, billing, discrepancy and performance reports (daily, weekly, monthly etc.)

Display, search, email and social media reports

Report consolidation from 3rd party ad serving tools, Google AdWord, Bing, Google Analytics and other client proprietary tools.

Reporting and dashboard automation

Reporting template development

Historic and current day data gathering, cleansing and integration

Custom reports


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