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customized-service-business-idea-660085_960_720rProcess provides a host of customized services to various industries around Data and Content Management.

We have a highly skilled team with expertise and experience working on various projects and can align ourselves to put together a robust process and methodology for any simple or complex requirements.

Our team serves as an extended workbench to support and provide turn-key services. Our delivery model allows to provision resources on demand with enhanced flexibility and agility.

Below are examples of a few projects we have successfully delivered in the recent past:

Digital Question and Answer Data Bank 

Digitization of the questions and answers from different formats like Textbooks, PDF, JPEG and Guides. We also digitize hand written scripts with perfection.

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E – Enabling of Archeological Text 

We digitize and convert old books and scripts which are in different languages into Web Pages. We scan the data carefully, digitize it and then convert it into HTML. We provide high quality digitized archaeological text.

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Video Transcription

Transcription of webinar files into specified text formats and to capture every nuances, notations and equations coupled with timely delivery of output text files as per specified requirements.

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