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Annotation Services

Annotation Services:

Having been in the Image annotations business for over years now, we see every requirement of the customer easily. rProcess provides customized image annotation services. We have quality management process in place to ensure high accuracy of annotation works. We help businesses manage all tasks involving this time-consuming process, support in developing & customizing annotation tools to match your need. We have the ability to ramp up to a team size of hundred dedicated for your needs. We have people 200 plus of team size devotedly working on process. Flexible contract: We can start with free trial, so you can evaluate us. After the trial, if things go well, Sign-Up!! We sign Non-disclosure agreement;  your data is yours;  Your process is our process.


Image Annotation Services:

Bounding Boxes

Bounding boxes can be used for general object appreciation. they are more than enough in most scenarios. Our experienced professionals will ensure that all the images are accurately tagged, making it easy for you to create and maintain pictorial database for further analysis or record keeping.

Annotate_a Annotate_b

Lane Detection

Having experience in different kinds of lanes for car, bicycle, opposite direction traffic, divergence etc.

Before After

Semantic Segmentation

For higher accuracy, Try out with us. full pixel semantic segmentation with single pixel accuracy. It involves tagging different parts of images with multiple relevant vocabularies to make the tagged images easy to retrieve.

Annotate_c Annotate_d


  • ♦ Aerial Imagery

  • ♦ Bounding box services

  • ♦ Image tagging of Aerial Imagery

  • ♦ Semantic Image annotations

  • ♦ Autonomous Vehicles

  • ♦ Retail & CPG

  • ♦ Chat-bots




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